Family House Furnishing - Nitra- Chrenová

Family House Furnishing - Nitra- Chrenová

Exclusive interior does not have to be cold or sterile. This project was focused on designing an interior of a family house where we furnished living room with a dinning room and kitchen, hallway, two bathrooms and a bedroom - with an emphasis on the balance of the space, quality furnishing and materials, interconnection of the whole interior and a pleasant feeling. The design consists of natural materials and colors which were agreed upon during a consultation with the investor. In the living spaces neutral white color and Venetian stucco in grey were added to the natural colors of oak wood to achieve a color balance. As an accent we used some red furnishing to liven up the space. In the bathrooms and the hallway we used natural travertine and integrated walnut wood and micro-cement suitable for humid and damp environment.

Even a connected open space can be clearly divided into individual zones without the use of walls. Each zone is compact when it comes to color and materials. The center of the space is a dark red dinning table. Creating a cozy sitting area in an open space is not an easy task. We utilized a huge enfolding J shaped couch with a darker fabric, which is easy to maintain. In the kitchen we designed a tall cabinet set in line with the pantry door. The set includes built-in refrigerator, oven, built-in espresso machine and a pantry cabinet. In front of this set there is an island with work surface, bar seating, storage space on both sides, dishwasher and a wine cooler.
The countertop on the island is made of snow white corian. The scratches on this material are not visible and if there is ever any damage it can be repaired and polished to its original condition anytime. Another advantage is that the countertop and the sink are made of the same material in one piece, therefore there are no joints or lines. This piece also includes a sloping dripping surface, which means there is no silicone, cracks or joints which could trap water and cause growth of bacteria or mold. We separated the entrance area from the rest of the hallway by colors and materials. The floor is tiled with warm light sand tones, which reappear on the floors and walls in the bathrooms. The bathrooms give a feeling of exclusiveness but maintain the highest possible level of practicality. Plenty of storage space combined with suitably located durable materials — that’s our idea of
luxury. A partition wall passing through the ceiling and optically disappearing in the flare of light forms a backdrop to a free-standing cast marble bathtub. Behind this wall hides a toilet and shower. Walk-in style shower requires less maintenance and thanks to very little hardware and glass allows free movement and breathes beautifully. The master bedroom surrounds the owners with a pleasant grain of a natural oak wood. Nightstands connected to the bed together with warm spot lighting ensure a cozy and peaceful feeling.

Photos by Matej Oravský


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